Model Info:
Please take a moment to read this

Just a bit about working for me:

I run a fairly relaxed shoot and I am a rather easy going individual but I do have a few basic expectations.

I expect that you will arrive at the scheduled time

Bring photo ID

I typically require a models release

And, I expect that you will be respectful of not only myself but of all members of the team.

Info specifically for art nude/figure work

Please bring a robe and slippers or sandals, as my floor is rather cold.

If you have piercings be advised that I may ask you to remove them for the shoot if this presents a problem please make me aware of this from the out set of our discussion.

If you have scars, ink, or stretch marks again please let me know.

Current Projects:

I can be contacted at: modeling -at- newboldphoto -dot- com Yes, I realize that it is somewhat annoying to replace those bits of text with the appropriate symbols but... it cuts down on the spam I have to wade through

Las Cruces